Prerequisites for an Auto Accident Settlement

Accident victims often wonder how long it takes to settle an auto accident case. The reasoning is obvious, as most people just want to put such an incident in the past, and they want the compensation to which they are entitled. Before a client can receive a settlement offer, the following three things must occur.

Treatment is Complete, or the Victim’s Condition Has Reached Maximum Improvement

Before a settlement offer can be given, the client must either recover with no need for additional treatment, or they must reach a maximum level of improvement. In simpler terms, a doctor has to say that the victim’s condition is as good as it will ever be. Alternatively, if there are still procedures to be done, an attorney can ask for an estimated cost.

All of the Victim’s Medical Records and Bills are Present

While most people don’t know why some cases settle quickly, the answer lies in the hard work of attorneys and paralegals. If the case is to be settled for top dollar out of court, an auto accident attorney must obtain all of the client’s medical bills and records. At, it is the attorney’s job to collect these documents. An out-of-court settlement is typically based on nuances within the victim’s records, and insurers use this information to determine a claim’s value.

The Demand Letter’s Response

After a demand letter and all the relevant documentation is sent to the other party, it takes time for that person’s insurer to evaluate the claim’s merits. Most claims take less than three weeks, but some can take longer, and the attorney should follow up with the insurer to keep the case moving along. If settlement negotiations are unsuccessful, the lawyer should work to get the client’s money as quickly as possible.

Hiring the Right Attorney

An experienced accident lawyer can help a client get the money they need for their injuries. The team has the knowledge and skills necessary to shorten the settlement timeline by getting the case off to the right start. With an attorney’s help, a client can stand up to the insurer to fight for fair compensation after an auto accident.