The Affordable Promotional Item That Can Grow a Business

Although businesses still rely on media advertising to build their brands, most also include promotional products in marketing campaigns. There are dozens of items that can be used, but lanyards are some of the most popular. They are colorful, inexpensive, and effective. Clients enjoy getting them and often find creative ways to use them. As a result, the simple straps continue to help brand businesses for months or even years.

Branded Products Act as Wearable Business Cards

The classic business card was the default personal advertising tool for decades and companies still use them. Unfortunately, they are easy to lose and even easier to throw away. In contrast, those who are given wearable promotional items tend to value and keep them. Since products include detailed company information, they act as highly visible business cards even when wearers are unaware of it. In addition, research shows that 42% of those surveyed after getting free promotional items said the products left them with positive impressions of the companies handing them out.

Simple Straps Build Brand Awareness

Statistics also show that useful promotional items can advertise a service or product for a very long time. That is why many companies hand out a variety of colorful neck straps with holders attached. They are sturdy, and wearers often use them creatively. In fact, the straps are often called badge holders and are commonly given out at corporate events or shows to display identification. However, many people take them home and use them as key, sunglass, or camera straps.

Straps Are Customizable and Affordable

Growing businesses often order badge holders as promotional items because they offer an affordable way to get messages out to wide audiences. Budget-conscious companies can order hundreds, or even thousands, of straps and hand them out at events like conferences. Promotional product suppliers offer straps in a wide variety of material and price ranges. Each product can be customized with a company logo and information, and all items may be ordered in a rainbow of colors.

Promotional products have become popular marketing tools because they act as affordable advertising. Businesses often use badge holders as promotional giveaways because most people keep, use, and even re-purpose them. Since straps include company information they can promote products and services for months or years.